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About the Book

In this book, you will read the testimonies of the hurt and pain the author has suffered as a child by those she trusted. The disappointments, pain, and anger led her down the wrong path through her decisions as an adult. The book tells of God's miraculous delivery from the penalty of those decision she made throughout her life, and how God has healed her and giver her victory. God's healing power has enabled her to live a life of freedom, peace, and trust in Him. Now she is an ambassador for her Lord and Savior, and a servant to His people. Her primary purpose for writing her story is to help others see the mighty power of God's love and favor that is available to all. She desires to encourage her readers to seek God and accept Him in their lives for the healing, peace, and love they need to enjoy a life of freedom and abundance both in this life and life to come.

Available for purchase at Heaven's Gateway Ministries and on Amazon:

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